Your suppliers are your business partners! Treat them well, treat them correctly.

Some food operators adopted a mindset that they as customers to suppliers are the kings and queens.

“I give you business so you’ll need to meet all my demands otherwise I will change supplier”.

In short, there is nothing wrong with a consumer mindset. But as a business owner, this relationship has to be managed correctly.

Our suppliers are our partners, without their supply support, we will definitely face difficulties. Truth is, there are other suppliers who can easily replace your existing in terms of services or cost. However, during times of need, will your supplier be able to give priorities to your supplies.

JSS was introduced to help the food service folks during the Covid19 lockdown period, however suppliers were largely left out on their own. Many F&B businesses ceased operations due to the pandemic and the suppliers suffered irrecoverable losses which hurt their finances badly.

Finding a good reliable supplier is like finding co-business partners. I recall a supplier in our platform who supported their customers during the pandemic, provided credit lines and continued the supply at their risk. The supplier can rightfully demand payment first before continuing the supply, they did otherwise. That relationship was built on mutual trust and credibility over the years. Cherish these suppliers if you are one of the lucky ones.

All food services business owners have to consider their bottom lines, some suppliers may be more expensive or unpleasant to deal with. That being said, once you find a supplier who can meet your needs, value them well as partners, you never know when you require any urgent orders, they can be your most dependable supporter.

Suppliers too are seeking customers who can mutually appreciate the services and products they provide for long term business relationships.

As we are all in the same industry and Singapore being a small city state, we are bound to meet each other again. So, let’s appreciate each other’s business and deal graciously with discernment.

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