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Commercial Pest Control. F&B Pest Management. Industrial Pest Services. Residential

Established in 1987, Combat Pest Control provides general pest control and fumigation services. Specialised in commercial pest control, food service F&B pest management, industrial, residential as well as  factories. Without a pest control contract, NEA will not issue food shop license for the food establishments. Thus with decades of experiences in the industry in commercial pest control, Combat Pest has combined both experiences and new technology into the business. Their certification with ISPM 15 allows them to carry out fumigation services in addition to other specific pest control services. With a fleet of 5 trucks and proper manpower allocation, they are able to deliver their services to the various industry facing pest issues.

Combat Pest had being servicing the F&B industry since incorporation, resulted in many notable customers  still engaging their service. Contact them for free quotation and with no obligations.

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Service Details

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