Rice Wholesale Suppliers Singapore

Rice Suppliers in Singapore are governed by the minister of Trade & Industry. For this reason, the suppliers are thus required to participate in the Rice Stockpile Scheme to ensure adequate supply of rice in the market. By and large, only business entities or companies registered in Singapore can apply for this license.

Types of Rice by Suppliers in Singapore

Singapore rice importers imports a wide range of rice from different continents ensuring a stable supply of our staple food. Coming into our shores are rice suppliers from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, USA, Cambodia, Korean, India, Taiwan and more. Here is what we know of short grain, median grain to long grain rice, black to brown and white rice as well as the types of rice.

  • Sushi Rice is a short and medium grain rice, also called as Japanese Rice or Japonica. Widely use for Japanese cuisine like sushi. – Sushi Rice Supplier
  • Basmati Rice is a long grain aromatic rice traditionally grown in India and Pakistan, it is consider as healthy rice due to its low GI. – Basmati Rice Supplier
  • Jasmine Rice is a medium to long grain rice, grown primarily in Thailand (Thai hom mali or Thai fragrant rice. – Jasmine Rice Supplier
  • Ponni Rice or par-boiled rice is a short grain rice. Cultivated from India, Tamil Nadum usually use in Indian cuisine, fluffy and soft. – Ponni Rice Supplier
  • Glutinous rice is a short grain rice from Asia and also called sticky rice. Due to its high amounts of amylopectin widely use in Asian cuisine. – Glutinous Rice Supplier
  • Brown Rice is a medium grain rice, said to be healthier than white rice due to its low GI. Brown rice is a whole grain rice with the inedible outer hull removed – Brown Rice Supplier
  • Calrose Rice is a medium grain rice developed in USA, California. It is soft and sticks together thus making it a good alternative for sushi. – Calrose Rice Supplier

updated 22/7/2021