One Stop Food Distributor

One Stop Food Service Distributor

A One Stop Food Distributor, Supplier, supplying provisions, disposable packaging, can food for food services or foodstuffs from a single country. Suppliers who seeks to deliver everything you need from a single source. No more Multiple supplier at different timings to your shop, just one main distributor for all your food materials needs. From Beverages, Condiments, Meat, Seafood and Vegetables to sugar, oil as well as coffee powder. Not to mention disposable packaging, trash bags, gloves, dish washing agents and more.

One Stop Grocery & Provision Distributor

One stop groceries & provision distributor distribute only edible foodstuffs. These distributors distribute a huge variety of dry foodstuffs. For example noodles, sauce, condiments, oil, sugar, salt, vinegar, can food, mostly dried foodstuffs..

X Country Foodstuffs Supplier

Cuisine specific supplier for example japanese cuisine foodstuffs supplier, foodstuffs imported from Japan for local Japanese restaurants. Likewise foodstuffs from Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, China specially for certain food business needs.