Meat (non-poultry)

Wholesale Meat Suppliers, Distributors Singapore

updated: 29/07/2021
Fresh or Frozen Pork, Beef, Lamb, mutton Meat wholesale Suppliers, distributor in Singapore. Our Suppliers import, process, supply as well as distribute a variety of meat from different countries directly to your restaurant or stall in Singapore. Halal and frozen meat supplier. For example Venison, Mutton, Lamb, Pork, Duck, Turkey, white meat, Red meat etc. Most of the meat supplied to Singapore are frozen or chilled.

The meat wholesale suppliers or distributors will provide different meat processing services for your food business. Mookata style restaurants for example requires the meat to be in shabu shabu or Tepanyaki cut for BBQ or hotpot. Western food service operators can have the meat to be portioned for the thickness and size of per serving. Halal restaurants can thus choose from the halal meat supplier.The meat suppliers in our network provide promotions if you are to utilize their services. AllaboutFnB is a one-stop F&B network for food service business.

AllaboutFnB seeks to provide the right meat products with best prices from ever expanding list of meat supplier merchants. We believe out of all the suppliers, you will be able to find the one meat supplier who fits into your business needs.