Technology Automation | Food Service

Food Service Technology & Automation Singapore.

Food service technology and automation means the different use of technology, automation systems for food ordering to delivery within a restaurant. For example POS, as in point of sale, is a technology for waiters to take and create food orders. In addition, POS attached to kitchen display system or a paper printer to the kitchen for food preparation. That being said, food service ordering has evolved greatly too. A self ordering POS system accessible via web or QR code as well as self payment solving the man-power issue.

Due to the lack of manpower, tech programming companies using robotic arms and sensors created robot bartenders, robot waiters as well as robot chefs. These robotic service automation increases the restaurants efficiencies as well as solving the manpower crunch issues. Some even achieve substantial savings in operation cost. Robotic waiter deliver food from the kitchen to the diner table as like a runner. other solution of food service delivery is using conveyor belt systems where rather than a robot or waiter, the conveyor belt pushes food round the restaurant for pickers. Or a specially designed conveyor belt which deliver food to the table itself.

To summed up, the various technology in the food service business are split into 3 main categories.

  1. Seating + Food Ordering
  2. Food preparation + Delivery
  3. Payment + Clean Up