F&B Pest Control

F&B Pest Control Singapore
Pest Control Services or Vector Control Services for F&B Establishments and food services locations. See the various F&B Pest Control Singapore companies specialized with pest extermination. These companies had many years of experiences in pest control management and solutions. Their services includes fumigations, pest traps, general pest control services as well as pest eliminations. Pests poses health hazard for humans especially where food are concern for example, public areas like food court, restaurants, cafes and Hawker Centers. Commonly seen Pest in the food services area are Rats or mice, flies, cockroaches and ants. Even though not uncommon are  Fleas and Ticks, including snakes, birds, moth and many more. F&B establishments and food services companies runs suspension risk if pest are found in their premises and without a valid pest control contract.

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