Disposable Packaging

Biodegradable – Disposable Food Packaging Supplier Singapore. Paper Packaging & Plastic containers
Disposable packaging is on the increase in Singapore F&B industry with the emergence of online food delivery services provided business opportunities for many packaging supplier in Singapore. Take away packaging has seen new entrances of more eco-friendly, biodegradable, paper packaging products suppliers and distributors in Singapore. Disposable food containers not only have to be durable and eco-friendly but also micro-wave safe, Oven safe and Freezer safe.

Biodegradable packaging means the material it uses are environmental friendly and degradable unlike petroleum based plastics.

Food packaging has come a long way. The world has since learnt of the consequences of food danger if it’s not being pack or stored correctly. The disposable packaging industry has evolved and upgraded as the world demand food safety, gone greener, asthetic appeal as well as customization. Paper packaging allows F&B operators to print whatever they want on it for their brand or for marketing.