Streamline your food production process

We have all heard that the F&B service industry is all about long hours and back breaking work. Food operators have to endure late nights and early mornings. Quite a scary confessions!

However, is it really true?

We have spoken to bosses and kitchen staff as well as consultants specialized in the food sectors and we have gotten a conclusion: Space & work process play a big part resulting in inefficiencies. Rigid, inflexible processes are one of the many reasons why many small and medium restaurants/cafes/kiosks/stalls need many man hours for preparations.

During the days of enough manpower, most of the production steps had someone to do so there is no push factor to better the process. But when manpower is now a critical issue, a study on the work process becomes important.

Bosses should study every preparation process and identify suitable steps to shorten the time. From food ordering to delivery, daily opening to closing of shops, food preparation to table service, some of these steps can be shortened and be more efficient.

The kitchen helper does not need to spend 1 hours to cut chilis, all he needs is an automated/semi-automated vegetable slicer or have the vegetable supplier to supply the processed vegetables. It may be a few dollars more expensive but an hour a day is 30 hours of time saved a month.

Utilizing TECHNOLOGY, suppliers, tools and EQUIPMENT can drastically improve the business operation efficiencies.


if there is a need to engage a process consultant in order to improve efficiency, please do it.

SPACE, however, is impossible as some kitchen size and equipment on site is fixed unless a renovation is or a layout redesigned is conducted.


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