Many food businesses don’t pay SERIOUS attention about service in their jobs or restaurants, these are one of the many reasons where customers will avoid patronizing the restaurant or stall altogether. However many times, service people could be as innocent or as ignorant as a child making mistakes they don’t know. Here are some service excellent pointers for success in the restaurant business, service industry.

5 Service Excellent Pointer to implement.


1) Don’t let your unpleasant face represent the food you serve no matter how bad is your day.

Face it, who wants to see a bitter face when doing one of the most fulfilling things daily – “satisfying hunger” and paying for it.


2) Never argue with co-workers or kitchen staff in front of customers, solve it behind their back.

Conflicts, disagreement, wrong dishes, slowness in food preparation and customer complaints on service is commonplace in a restaurant. It can be stressful for service staff when facing customers which will lead to finger pointing on co-workers. Employers do take note that “correcting mistakes” is an important service evaluation but the problem is on HOW and WHERE the mistakes are being pointed by the plaintiff.


3) Turn the crisis into an opportunity. Never say a direct “No’ to a customer without making an effort to explain the reason or making a counter offer.

The wrong way to answer a customer who asks for a discount is “No, there is no discount on your card”. Instead “I am sorry, your card does not qualify for a discount, but if you join us as a member or participate in this referral program, yes i will be able to give you a 20% off. “Restaurants marketing managers and owners have to come up with different difficult customer scenarios into opportunities for both customers and restaurants to benefit.


4) Always smile at customers and co-workers and create a harmonious and pleasant environment.

This is for the management:- always brings up the mood of the entire workplace, happy boss/managers = happy workers. Bosses may think that it’s the job of the service staff to liven the mood and serve with a smile to customers. Yes, you paid the salary we all agree with, but a constant negative emotion generator from the top will affect those at the bottom. So the task of creating a harmonious and pleasant environment belongs to the top.

Solve the differences between co-workers and boss before the start of the day to keep your mental health healthy. If unable to solve yet, follow rule 1.


5) Customer Service Management

Be sure to settle down a customer 1st before attending to another. Watch your body language and maintain eye contact. Always listen to what customers say and don’t interrupt. Be very proficient in the menu and provide recommendations when customers ask for it.

The Golden rules behind service excellence is customer satisfaction. Good customers do not test you on your service excellent, difficult customers are the real test. So don’t be agitated by bad customers, it’s an opportunity to test service excellent.

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