Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a lifetime listing
Thank you for the support, we do not have packages more than 2 years currently.

Will the listing price remains the same throughout?
Yes and likely for our existing renewing members. As cost of marketing rises. Our price will also rise for latest members.

I have more than 1 company to list, is there a discount?
Yes, provided the owners are the same. We provide good packages individually.

What if i don't get sales from this site
Regrettably, thats not the plan we had too, we provide this platform so to get leads and match make for our members. We have a statistic page for all our members to show how many people visited and called you in the time frame selected. So you have complete knowledge for the results.

I listed it for 3 years but I would like to stop the listing as I am not in the business anymore, can I get back 2 years of the money?
We are sorry to hear you are not in the business anymore, the listing cost is however non-refundable.

My company is not in Singapore, can I still list?
Yes you can as long as it is a real and reputable company capable of doing business in Singapore and providing services. For example you are an equipment supplier based overseas and have an ecommerce site for purchase or a food supplier based in nearby countries and wanting to promote your brand to Singapore F&B business.
For all other enquires, sent email to [email protected] under subject: general enquiries.

I can’t login to edit my page!
Please key in email and press forget password. If username and email is not valid. Sent enquiry under subject: Technical problem to us and we shall verify with your company details and the person in charge.

What marketing are you doing?
Other than online marketing like contents and email via social media and search engine platform, EDM. Our sales personnel are on the ground for marketing of the site. There are more plans of offline marketing in the pipeline.