Commercial Deep Fryer Singapore – A Gas Fryer or an Electric Fryer

Commercial Deep Fryer Singapore. It’s rare to see a commercial kitchen or restaurant that does not employ frying as a cooking technique. This is hardly surprising when you consider the irresistible allure of crunchy fried chicken and other fried delicacies. If you’re serious about creating any of these delicacies in your restaurant or home if you’re the adventurous type in the kitchen, you’ll need to good quality commercial fryers.

However, fryers are of two types. There’s a commercial electric fryer and a commercial gas deep fryer. Both of these appliances can handle all your daily frying, but their features are not the same. Below is an analysis of both appliances and how to determine the one that bests suits your need.

An electric fryer, aka modern gas, comes equipped with a basket for raising your food above the oil when you finish your cooking. Some of them also come with audible alarms and timers.

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Electric Fryers Vs Gas Fryers

Gas fryer function through the gas line of buildings to heat up the fryer, while electric fryer uses electricity. There are 3 styles for Gas fryer: flat bottom, tube and open pot and they heat faster than electric fryers. All these styles have their own peculiar advantages and disadvantages.

Tube Fryer

Tube fryers are perfect for frying foods like fish, chicken, onions, cheese sticks or fries. It is designed in a way that attaches the tubes with the heating elements to the fry pot. There’s also a “sediment zone” that stores particles from your fried food to be removed later. Because of its design, this type of fryer is usually harder to clean than open pot fryers.

Open Pot Fryer

Open pot fryers come in gas and electric models. These fryers due to the design are usually very easy to clean and can be used to fry any type of food. However, it is easy to clog the shallow sediment of an open pot fryer if you use it to fry foods with lots of sediments.

Flat Bottom Fryer

This type of fryer makes use of gas heated from underneath the fryer. It is more suitable for food items that float in oil close to the top part of the appliance. It can be used to fry foods like funnel cakes, doughnuts and battered food. However, flat bottom fryers don’t come with sediment zones unlike the other types of fryers, which means you can collect the sediment at the base of the fryer. Therefore regular maintenance of this fryer is needed to prevent the build up and give food a horrible taste.





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Which is the best?

You need to factor in the following elements and how they affect your daily operation, to determine the best fryer for you.

Type of food: What kind of food do you intend to fry with your appliance? Will you be frying chicken or donuts? sediment tray required? Knowing the type of food you will be frying is important so you can know the size of sediment tray you’ll need.

Operational cost: You need to evaluate the cost of natural gas in your area and if using it will be to your advantage. Gas is sometimes more expensive in some places than others. Gas fryer are generally cheaper to use, as long as it is affordable in your city.

Temperature and heating speed: Are you planning to fry food in huge batches? If so, you might need a fryer with high speed. Gas fryer are generally faster than electric fryers when it comes to generating heat, and electric fryers often fall below par with regards to maximum temperature ability.

Cleaning: Some models are more difficult to clean. If you’re going to be using your fryer regularly, it is advisable for you to go for the models that are easier to clean. Stainless steel fryers are usually preferable because they can hold their own in any kitchen.

Space: Fryers come in different sizes. When buying a fryer, you need to consider your kitchen design and pick the one that’ll fit well, so you can get the best out of it.

Capacity: You need to consider the quantity of food you want to fry. It is advisable to pick a fryer with the capacity to meet your frying needs, the quantity of food you’ll be frying will determine if you need to get something wider or deeper. Make sure you get the right model that will contain the proper Ibs of food.

A deep fryer adds a little bite and crunch, with some flavor to your food. There’s need for you to pick a fryer that suits your peculiar needs, which is why you must do your research before making a choice between a gas fryer and an electric fryer, or else you might up wasting your time and money. Take your time and make the right choice, and your customers will be better off for it!

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