Some time back, we decided to ask an intelligent language A.I, if it is a human: would it choose to work as a full time employee or start a food service business in Singapore and be the boss.

In order to get an unbias opinion, we input the pros and cons of being a food service business owners and an employee. We also input business statistic derived from government data regards to food business successful and failed rates. As a result, the reply we got are not much unexpected.

Here you go:-

Given the high risks associated with the F&B industry in Singapore, especially with 1 out of 4 failed in a year and the current hiring challenges, staying in a full-time job seems like the more pragmatic and sustainable option for now.”

A.I makes pragmatic choice but it doesn’t overshadow the incredible spirit of human entrepreneurship. We, as humans have a unique capacity for innovation and a never-say-die attitude that can turn even the most challenging situations around. Entrepreneurs in the F&B industry often face hurdles, but our passion and determination can lead us to success or doom if unchecked. 🙂

In summary, while the AI’s choice, based on data and probabilities, offers us a valuable perspective, it’s our human qualities of creativity, resilience, and determination that often lead to success in entrepreneurship. These stories of perseverance inspire others to take the plunge, even in industries known for their volatility.

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey is indeed a leap into the unknown. However, it’s also a chance to carve out our path, make a difference, and possibly achieve dreams that a regular 9-to-5 job might not accommodate. So, while the AI’s analysis is important, it’s the indomitable human spirit that truly drives innovation and entrepreneurship.

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